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180W 1296MHz power amplifier

180W 1296MHz power amplifier

180W 1296MHz power amplifier

You can setup PA 23cm 150W block near antenna or assemble a complete solution with power supply, RF Power and temperature display, protection and automation.

PA 23cm 180W technical specifications

  • Model: PA-23cm-180W-N-female
  • Based on MRFE6S9160HS transistor
  • RF Range: 1260 — 1300 MHz
  • P input TX < 6 Watt
  • Pout = 150 Watt (JT65, FM)
  • Pout = 180 Watt (CW, SSB)
  • Supply operation: 28 V DC at IDQ = 12 A (TX)
  • Impedance: 50 ohms
  • RF connectors: N-female
  • Dimensions: 150 mm x 65 mm x 27 mm (with connectors)
  • Weight: 0.4 kg

PA 23cm design features

PA schematics contains the following:

  • transistor’s input and output matching circuits
  • voltage stabilization bias circuit with temperature compensation
  • direct and reverse directional couplers with detectors
  • transistor’s digital temperature sensor

Transistor bias stabilization circuit was assembled by following to Ampleon recommendations. PA contains transistor’s current temperature compensation circuit controlled by gate bias, VSWR and RF Power detectors, PTT control, digital temperature sensor. Schematics is shown on Fig. 1 

Принципиальная схема PA 23cm 150W

Fig. 1 PA-23cm-180W schematics

PA housing material is made from aluminum plate D16 by milling on a CNC machine. For effective heat removal, transistor is soldered to the cooper insert. N-female connectors are used for transceiver and antenna connection. DC Power should be provided through the pass capacitor.

PA is constructed as a block that should be mounted on the radiator. Unlike a «pallet» (PCB on a copper plate) this is a complete solution with RF flange mount with micro-strip N-type female connectors on-board. This 50 Ohm connectors provide a good matching with micro-strip line of the PCB. “7-pin” connector pinout is shown on Fig. 2.2

PA-23cm-150W 7-pin разъем

Fig 2.1 PA-23cm-180W “7-pin” connector

Назначение выводов 7-pin разъема

Fig. 2.2 “7-pin” connector pin assignment 

In the bottom of the housing (under PCB) located milled grooves for the wires from the sensors. Radiator dimensions drawing is shown on Fig. 5. During the tests we come to conclusion that 1500 cm m2 radiator area is enough for heat removal, with 3 x 40mm fans (6500 rpm) installed on the ribs. Tests were made in WSJT mode with 1 min cycles.

Чертеж корпуса PA-23cm-150W

Fig. 3.1 PA-23cm-180W radiator mounting drawing

Amlifier PCB is made on RO4350 laminate, 0.03 inches, 1 oz. Input and output parts of the PCB are separate. Board dimensions is 98×45 mm. PCB mounted on the bottom of the housing with M2.5 type mounting screws. DS18B20 temperature sensor is mounted on a copper insert with a thermal grease. In the output matching circuit ATC100B type capacitors are used. PA-23cm-150W PCB is shown on Fig. 4

Печатная плата PA 23cm 150W

Fig. 6.1 PA-23cm-180W PCB